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what We Do

Michael Doherty Legal is a boutique employment law and workplace relations law firm located in the Sydney CBD.

Although the firm is in its infancy, the firm’s Principal; Michael Doherty has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the Australian employment and industrial landscape having advised and represented clients for over 17 years.

Michael Doherty Legal was recommended as one of the leading employment law firms in 2017 and 2018  by  the Doyles Guide to the Australian Legal Profession.

We aim to form partnerships with our clients, not just business relationships. We offer all the advantages of a top tier firm in the more intimate and cost effective setting of a boutique firm.

Due to our boutique nature, we are able to offer  a unique fixed fee arrangement for certain matters such as provision of legal advice, or certain types of litigation. This method of pricing not only gives clients the ability to chose how they are billed and  a guarantee of high quality legal representation but also the certainty of knowing the cost to you irrespective of the way in which certain matter evolves.

our Services

We specialise in the following areas

Employment contract negotiation (both pre and during employment)
Contractual rights including entitlement to bonus
Short term incentive (STI) and long term incentive (LTI) schemes
Post Employment Restraint
Workplace rights (including the “General Protections” in the Fair Work Act)
Workplace bullying
Workplace discrimination
Industrial disputes
Disciplinary matters
OH&S compliance matters
Award or agreement compliance
General employment issues
Conflict of Interest
Our Team

who’s Behind the Scenes

Michael Doherty

Michael is the Principal of Michael Doherty Legal, a boutique employment and industrial relations law firm in the Sydney CBD.

Michael is a highly experienced Employment and Industrial Lawyer. He has over 16 years’ experience providing advice to a range of clients including, CEOs of ASX listed companies, senior executives and managers of national and multinational companies, senior public servants and independent contractors.

He provides strategic advice and support to clients and aims to resolves issues without entering into lengthy litigation. This method has proven very successful with Michael negotiating many significant out of court settlements that have resulted in clients’ being able to move on with their lives, both financially and personally.

He has represented clients in some of the most significant industrial cases of recent times including; the Trade Union Royal Commission in 2014/2015, an industry superannuation fund in the Banking and Finance Royal Commission in 2018 the hearings following Qantas’ grounding of its fleet in 2011 and the hearings that suspended industrial action yo  Sydney Trains employees in 2018.

Michael’s experience has been recognised by the Doyles Guide to the Australian Legal Profession who recomended him as one of the leading employment lawyers in NSW in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

He  has been a member of the Employment Law Sub-Committee of the Law Society of New South Wales from 2014 and is a member of the Industrial Relations Society of NSW.

Michael can be contacted on michael@michaeldohertylegal.com.au or 02 8667 3094